'63 Girls Luncheon's

Just a quick note as to why these luncheon's began:

They were started as a tribute to Marsha Andrews, who passed away on, Sept 22, 2005.

On October 15, 2005, A group of her dear friends (from the class of '63) who attended her memorial service decided that they should, in her memory, periodical gather for lunch in her honor.

So began many years of luncheon's held every few months. It caught on so well that the group has grown to as many as thirty at times. So far, the group (known as the 'girls of '63') have met at Jonesy's Steak House, Compadre's Restaurant, Trancas Street Steak House, and the homes of Merry (Lefler) Widmeyer and Joan (Lawson) Simpkin.

One of luncheons I attended at Compadre's, was crashed by the "Guys of '63"'...Ralph Lacaze, Dick Hathaway and Sandy Dailey. Just one of the girls, right guys!!! 

I hope I've got this all straight...please correct me if I've got it wrong.  Marcy


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Napa Valley Co Club 2/08
1 Photo  8/20/14
Compadre's 1/24/09
7 Photos  10/15/14
Compadre's 4/25/09
18 Photos  10/15/14
Compadre's 6/27/09
8 Photos  10/15/14
Trancas Steak Hs 11/14/09
19 Photos  12/2/14
Trancas Steak Hs 1/23/10
11 Photos  10/29/14
Trancas Steak Hs 3/20/10
15 Photos  8/21/14
Trancas Steak Hs 9/11/10
5 Photos  12/1/14
Trancas Steak Hs 11/14/10
18 Photos  12/1/14
Merry's Home - 10/15/11
22 Photos  8/22/14
Trancas Steak Hs 3/23/13
12 Photos  10/17/14
Trancas Steak Hs 6/08/13
12 Photos  10/18/14
Trancas Steak Hs 8/17/13
9 Photos  10/18/14
Lunch at Joan's 3/22/14
19 Photos  10/18/14
Lunch at Joan's 8/23/14
19 Photos  9/23/14
Lunch at Joan's 10/25/14
12 Photos  12/1/14
Trancas Street 7/20/19
1 Photo  7/21/19